Soya oil processing plant



To Kumasi

We had a long drive today from Wa to Kumasi. We left at 8:20 this morning and didn’t arrive until almost 4:00! When we got to the city, we visited the Golden Web soya bean processing plant who buys all of the soya beans from the women farmers in Wa and north west Ghana. Last year, the women farmers grew 52 metric tons of soya beans, enough to supply Golden Web for one day! The owner is really hoping to increase the supply this year as soya bean oil is in high demand and soya beans are in short supply.

After a long day, we finally made it to Noba Hotel where weare having dinner and heading in early for our flight to Accra tomorrow before heading to Cape Coast.

We are loving our time in Ghana and are already talking about when we can return!

Soya Beans, Soya Beans, Soya Beans!

Today we had breakfast and headed to ProNet, an NGO that aims at alleviating poverty through different projects. They are also a partner of MEDA. We toured the office before heading to another village that MEDA and ProNet support.

We met the women of the community Tampala and some of the men. This village seemed to have more of a male dominated culture than the ones yesterday, but they still all said they would be spending their extra money from selling soya beans to support their children at school! We also were treated to music and a dance by all the women!

We learned about the village and visited the field. Amamata was very proud to show us he field that was tended by her and her mother, but was still owned by her brother. They made sure we knew that the profits still went to the women. We returned to the village where we were told that the chief had a gift for us! We sat down and said how thankful they are that we came to visit and the support we have given to them. He then gifted us with a live goat and three bowls of yam! He said they never let their guests leave hungry! ProNet tried to respectfully decline, but the chief was having none of it and we headed on our way with a goat!

ProNet, thankfully took care of our goat and yams as we didn’t think he hotel would like us to bring the goat to the hotel.

This afternoon, we headed to Wa to visit Mr Baaros enterprise grand opening, his brand new soya bean processing plant that makes soya milk and tofu. We got to listen to some speeches and taste some soya milk and tofu kebabs, which were delicious! We finished off with a dance party with the locals before heading to dinner.

Had another amazing day!