What next….

What next….

Probably, you are thinking what happened to us after we returned form the Ghana trip? How those two weeks and the experiences impacted us, and people around us?

Well, we have been talking a lot about the trip, the experiences, the feelings, and the people. We shared with our families and friends, then with the peopleCare Management Services Team. We discussed the benefits of the trip, how the two weeks impacted the day to day operations and our co-workers as everybody needed to do a little extra to cover for 7 people’s absences. We also, discussed the future plans. A few ideas were toss around, great ideas.

Today, there was a peopleCare Ghana presentation at MEDA’s breakfast meeting. Some of us were there and shared some of the experiences and a lot of pictures (a slide show was running in the background). It was a good meeting. We were asked a lot of questions, about Ghana and peopleCare.

We are also working at a presentation for Operational Planning ( Oct 23-24) and we are planning to visit the homes to share the Ghana experience with staff, residents and families.

As you can see, our journey has not stopped… stay tuned … more to come…


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