The Last Few Days

Sorry for being a little lax on writing the blog! On Saturday morning, we jumped on a plane and flew back to Accra where we were greater by Tony, our driver who drove us to the Cape Coast and the Coconut Grove Beach Resort. We spent the evening on Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday morning reflecting on the past week and everything we had seen. We also did some water aerobics and took some nice walks on the beach!

On Monday afternoon, we traveled the short distance to Elmina Castle, the biggest slave castle in west Africa. Most slaves who made it to the new world passed through this castle. To say the castle was an emotional experience is an understatement, we all had a hard time putting into words how we felt about the day. That being said, it was an amazing experience and we were all so glad to your the castle.

Our tour guide said that now we have seen the castle, it is our responsibility to teach others about what happened there and to use it as a lesson to stop the oppression of anyone, anywhere in the world which is still happening today. We all left the castle a little different, I think.

We made our way back to Accra and finally battled through the crazy traffic and made it to e hotel about five hours later! We enjoyed dinner at Toro’s Tapas restaurant and turned in for the night.

Tuesday morning, we made our way to ESMI, a project that aims at distributing mosquito nets to eliminate the infection of malaria, which kills a large number of people a year in Ghana. We then went for lunch and visited a distributed of the nets who then showed us around his pharmaceutical warehouse (this man owns 11 pharmacies, drug manufacturing plants, a water bottling company and many more businesses!) he also gave us a motivational speech that not every one agreed with!

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping (I actually took a nap instead!) before eating dinner at the hotel. We are still deciding if we are going to go out tonight, or if we will just turn in early for our last night in Ghana!


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